Saturday, November 21, 2015

Acquired Brain Injury Day 28

Today was a so so day, we had some good conversations, and we had some frustration play out, but we were given permission to leave the grounds. Each weekday is a busy day for Colleen, she has appointments with all of her team as they work towards a release date. We were able to squeeze some time (about an hour) where we went for a walk through the community. 

The Caulfield Hospital is in a residential area about eight blocks from a commercial Road that has shops, and coffee shops. The area is middle eastern with many Jewish, Egyptian, and Turkish shops among others. A very eclectic neighborhood and Colleen and I enjoyed walking and looking into some of the shops. Our time was limited because of the structure of the Appointments.

When we went back to the ward, there was another meltdown by a patient. This time it was the lady who thought I was the devil. Again we were shut in our room, while her team successfully calmed her down. 

Colleen said that she had trouble sleeping because there was a great amount of noise in the ward, however inability to sleep is a one of the consequences of Acquired Brain Injury, so I am not sure if the noise is the only reason for lack of sleep. 

She still was a bit confused and kept insisting the ward staff kept moving her room. This was not the case as her room had not changed. However I could see her confusion, because every time we left we had taken a different exit and when we returned we had take a different entrance.  

Colleen appeared to more alert and her Physio and her Speech Pathologist were pleased with her progress. The only problem was that Colleen had grown tired of the tubes in her and she had, the night before, pulled out the needle in her vein and she also had pulled out the tube in her nose that was being used to feed her. 

The nurses were going to reinsert the tube and the needles when the Dr. decided that Colleen had been eating and drinking enough and the medication was working on her infection. The medication could be given orally not intravenously so they decided to not put back the tubes. This was a relief to me and I think to Colleen. 

Colleen  is still frustrated with her lack of freedom, and I suspect lack of stimulation but the good news is that she is taking the frustration out on me and not the staff. I think the other two meltdowns were caused by the fact that neither of the other patients had received any visitors for the time I had been into see Colleen. 

I think the inability to vent may have caused the other patients melt downs. Colleen had me to vent to and as long as I did not take her venting personally then I was fine and she could feel that someone was listening. 

So in my mind, today was a good day and we are moving closer to being able to go home.

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