Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Acquired Brain Injury Day 33

Today was Colleen's birthday, and it was another good day, Colleen enjoyed the cupcake (It was not Strawberry but it was fruit) and the cards she received today. She had been working on the plan to decorate the ward and she had completed it the night before. 

In her meeting with her Occupational Therapist, she had given the plan and the managers of the ward, looked at the plan and had approved the plan. This made Colleen happy. Colleen had also completed a cognitive skill test and had received a score of 94%, which I thought was great as did her Speech Therapist. 

Colleen's team at the Caulfield was putting together information that would be used by the Chief Neurosurgeon to help determine if she could be released on the 2nd of December. Things were looking up. Colleen was responding well to her therapies and was able to control her anger and frustration at not having full freedom.

We went for a long walk and saw more of the community, and we had lunch out rather than having the hospital food. The food was not bad at the hospital, but it gave a sense of freedom to be able to have lunch out.  All in all a good day, we have moved forward with no steps back at this point. Life is good.

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