Thursday, November 26, 2015

Acquired Brain Injury Day 34

The week end is coming upon us and it will be good for Colleen to see the family. It was a day of meetings with her team to discuss progress. We met with the Speech Pathologist who was excited about the Cognitive test Colleen had done and her high score. 

We met with the Occupational Therapist who was happy that the management committee had approved the design ideas Colleen had put forth and the two of them set up a shopping day on Monday. 

The Social Worker talked to us about her efforts to contact Colleen's previous Neurosurgeon  at the Royal Colombian, but she was having problems because of the time differences. We let her know about the nearest hospital to us and she was going to contact them on Friday (Canada time) Saturday her time to see if there was a rehabilitation program closer to us. 

The other news is that she was moved from the bed she was in Bed 35 in the high security/dependency unit, to Bed 19. Bed 19 is in a more open unit. By more open unit, I mean she had more area to move around in access to the eating area for patients and an open garden in the outside space.

What struck me is that the team is getting Colleen ready for transfer to the BC system and they were working very hard to get all of the components in place so the transition would be easy for Colleen. 

We went for another walk  this time down to Glen Eira Road and stopped off at a Bakery and had a coffee and explored the Glen Eira Council Gallery. After all the meetings and b the by the end of the walk Colleen was tired, so when she went back to her room, she went for a nap and I left. 

Another good day and another reason to be optimistic.

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