Saturday, December 12, 2015

12 ideas for Post Christmas travel

Christmas means enjoying time with loved ones and, hopefully, getting a break from your everyday live for a while. This list is courtesy of the great folks at

Here are 12 cocktail recipes perfect for kicking back on a sunny summer’s day, wishing you were dipping your toes into the Caribbean Sea. (If you like rum, you will like this list. Given that the majority of the world’s rum comes from the Caribbean islands, most of the signature drinks that you will find there derive from this sugar-cane-based bevy.)

Every great adventure should have an equally great soundtrack, even if it is just a simple list of tunes to inspire you before you get going. Here is a list of many popular travel songs and a few suggestions to add to the typical staples of Leavin’ on a Jet PlaneOn the Road Again, and Born to Be Wild.

Have you ever spent many hours in airports well here are useful tips for staving off boredom, since not all airports offer a butterfly garden and a rooftop pool (like Singapore’s Changi International Airport) or a movie theatre, ice rink and extensive gardens (like Korea’s Incheon International Airport).

You might think the Swiss and Belgians have the chocolate market covered. Even the likes of New York and Italy know how to play the cacao game, but the worlds’ best chocolate is a global affair and we’ve tracked down a few underrated places every chocolate fiend should have on their radar.

Do you know a travel Junkie, someone who loves to travel, or someone you want to hook into the idea that travelling is fun? Here are just a few of the reasons why giving someone the gift of travel is one of the best things you can do

Who doesn’t love to dream of turquoise waters lapping at their feet, and the absolute tranquility afforded by palms swaying slowly in the ocean breeze? Often when on vacation we find ourselves sharing our small corner of paradise with hundreds of other people who search, like us, for a little rest and relaxation. Here is a list of seven little-known paradise islands that we think provide the perfect escape for those in search of a little solitude.

Take your significant other to a romantic spot to start or renew your relationship and fall in love all over again.

Bored, looking for a different escape for the next long weekend this winter, here are a few ideas that should add some spice and excitement to your life.

Bermuda is one of the ideas for a long weekend trip, when you are there here are a few ideas of what to do when in this island paradise.

This serene string of islands has earned its romantic reputation by offering true and accessible seclusion in the heart of the Caribbean. Nearly 300 days of guaranteed sunshine married with warm waters, exquisite dining and ample outdoor activities make this the perfect destination to consider for a Valentine’s Day escape.

St. Maarten is an ideal destination for families, athletes, adventurers, shopaholics or those simply looking for a little relaxation. The island offers a multitude of activities for all tastes, and each rich and varied activity or destination is as wonderful as the next.

London can be an intimidating city. Maybe it is because there is a lot of pressure when you are exploring one of the top-rated cities in the world, and there are a lot of places and things that feel like must-dos. London seems like a giant city, and in some ways, it is, but you can actually explore many of its major sites in one day (by foot if you are up for it). Check out our one-day walking tour

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