Sunday, December 27, 2015

Three interesting questions to ask

Most people will not remember you in your prime of life--the exception will be your grown children and your siblings and partner. People will remember you for what you did in your final phase of life. Make it meaningful for yourself and for others!

Imagine that you have retired or are close to retiring, take a second, and think for a moment about your own life so far. As you look back here are some questions:

·       How did you write your own "background statement?
·       Did you have a mission? 
·       Can you explain what drove you to do what you do?

As you move to the final third of your life and as you live the last 30 to 40 years on earth, here are some questions to answer about this final phase of life:

·       How will people write your background statement?
·       What will people say is/was your mission?
·       Will you leave information for those you leave behind to explain what drove you to do what you do?

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