Saturday, December 5, 2015

What's one idea that you'd like to put into action?

I was never a good student, which comes as no surprise to my close friends but may seem strange to others who only know  a little of me. People think that since I taught at University and High School for over 40 years that I should be a good student. I have my Masters degree so some think I am well educated and some believe that we should  pursue an education to gain knowledge for the sake of gaining knowledge. 

I don't believe in gaining knowledge for the sake of obtaining knowledge. When I went to school to complete my Master's degree I worked hard to find a University and a program that would benefit me. When I thought I had found the program, I was still frustrated because I knew more about the subject than the people who were teaching me. The truth is I believe that knowledge unto itself isn't all that useful. When you learn something, I believe you need to put that knowledge into practice.

Over my years of working in education, and because of the education systems need for a piece of paper that said you were academically qualified , I saw many people who knew many things yet these same people routinely failed to apply that knowledge in any practical manner.  Yet many of their colleagues still believed these peopleto be credible.

In our society  to be seen as credible on a professional or a work level it is important to get the academic qualifications that say you are credible. On a personal level sometimes It is only when we apply what we have learned that it becomes valuable and we gain credibility to our friends.

As you are moving into retirement or planning for retirement take some time and think about all the things you "know" but haven't put into action. 

Over our life times we have educated ourselves by amassing vast quantities of facts. Our purpose know is to take what we know and use it to shape our lives and impact the lives of others.

So the next time you hear a good idea or learn something new, consider how you can apply it to your own life to help yourself and those around you.

In other words, value the education and experiences you've gained over your life  but also value putting that experience into action.

What's one idea that you'd like to put into action, starting right now?

Claim it, do it and be very proud of the step you've taken!

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