Friday, January 8, 2016

Look at what you already have...

If you just look at all that already exists in your life, all that you already have: 

  • unlimited air to breathe
  • ample lighting to see
  • music to hear
  • books to read
  • stars to dream by
  • trees to gaze at
  • floors to dance on
  • friends to cavort with
  • enemies to befriend
  • strangers to meet
  • woods to walk through
  • beaches to comb
  • rocks to scale
  • rains to cleanse you
  • rivers to float you
  • animals to comfort you
  • family to play with
  • new things to learn
  • new bridges to crossx

 You do have to admit, there's more of it than you could ever, ever, ever spend and realize how you are blessed with abundance. 

Enjoy what you have but spend your wealth wisely so you will leave some for the children and their children. 

What a gift!. 

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