Thursday, February 25, 2016

Doing vs not Doing

We are a society that tends to reward those who do, and punish those who don't do. However, it is some times in our best interest to not do, but to go with the flow and catch up with the world through your heart.

Below are a number of things you can do, listed in an order that may be easier for those of you who are always doing.

Many of these may seem like "doing", but it gets you out of your head and if you are aware enough, into your heart:
  • Listen to some music; get into the music and out of your head
  • Take a walk; start with 10 minutes, work up to 30 or 40
  • Go out into nature and walk, run, pedal, or just sit on a rock; go to the beach and listen to the waves, be with the waves
  • Slow down your thinking, especially while doing either of the two above; appreciate the world around you and get out of your head
  • Play some music, that is, do some drumming, play a guitar, and such
  • Dance to some music in whatever way brings you joy
  • Do some journaling; just let it flow without much or any thinking
  • Do some chanting; the OM is a place to start
  • Meditate; there are various ways and methods I have discussed before, but you can Google this a find all sorts of techniques
  • Just BE, that is, sit or walk and go within; put your hand on you heart, breathe deeply and then softly. Shut out the world around you by closing your eyes and focus on your heart, or your third eye area
Try any of the above, modify them to fit your personality or combine some of the above; whatever works. This whole process is focused on getting out of your head where the "doing" lies and into your heart, where your soul lies.

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