Monday, June 27, 2016

Some golf humour

We are about a week away from our annual golf trip and to make light of how we golf is one of the ways we cope with the game. Enjoy

1.      During the first round with a brand new set of clubs, the ball has to be played from a road.
2.      The most important inches in golf are NOT those between the ears: they ARE the ones between your ball and the hole on the fourth putt.
3.      Curing the faults in your swing can never be affected in just one lesson from a professional.
4.      Delicate chip shots over bunkers always catch the top of the bank and fall back.
5.      Immediately you put on your waterproofs it stops raining.
6.      In a four-ball game, your partner is right on his game while you aren’t or vice versa.
7.      It’s always the next round that will find you playing your normal game.
8.      The more you play a course the more obsessed you become with its dangers…
9.      The number of practice balls recovered is always less than the number hit.
10. The only downwind holes are par threes.
11. The people in front of you are playing too slowly, the people behind you are playing too quickly.
12. The reserve glove you have kept for wet weather has shrunk.
13. The shorter the putt, the smaller the hole becomes.
14. Whatever the rule for a particular situation, you’ve probably broken it.
15. When playing to a temporary green, your ball finishes stone dead to the hole cut in the proper green.
16. Add more in the comments below! Maybe we’ll feature it on the next round
17. When setting up further left or right on the tee to compensate for a slice or hook, you will always drive the ball straight.
18. Best drive of the day lands in a sanded divot or next to a muddy drainage area in the middle of the fairway.
19. Golf is 90% mental, and 10% mental.
20. 100% of putts that are short never drop in the cup
21. Your game always comes together and you have your best round the last round of the season
22. you always have your best score by yourself
23. The only time you make pure ball first contact is when your trying to splash one out of a green side bunker.
24. Saying things like " I will not hit the water" usually produces a spectacular splash because the last thing going through your mind is WATER!!!

25. Whenever they change the hole location on a par 3, your tee shot lands inches away from the old hole plug.

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