Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Thoughts on Volunteering in my age group

Contributing time service expertise knowledge prestige or personal connection for a mutually agreed upon time directly or indirectly for the benefit of individual known or unknown alike, for organization, foundation, society, community and /or the environment.  

Volunteerism benefits both society at large and the individual volunteer by strengthening trust, solidarity, and reciprocity among citizens and by purposefully creating opportunities for participation.

I am proud of where I live, in BC the citizens of British Colombian Volunteer a great deal of time and energy.

One in every 4 is a volunteer, BC citizens volunteer more than other Canadians, and my age group BC seniors volunteer a lot! 

Seniors as seen as Super Volunteers these are the small proportion of volunteers who donate large amounts of time and they are usually  older adults -many in their 70’s.

Why Seniors Volunteer
  • ·        To regain a meaningful identity
  • ·        To fill a vocational void
  • ·        To address a moral obligation
  • ·        To support socially worthwhile causes
  • ·        To feel a useful member of society
  • ·        To find a peer group
  • ·        To overcome a loss
  • ·        To fulfill leisure time with meaningful activity
  • ·        To make use of skills and abilities 
Seniors prefer volunteer work that meets their needs work that is engaging, episodic, flexible and provides an opportunity for creativity, and autonomy. We volunteer to influence, or to use special skills that leave an impact, and work that is productive, and is mission linked.

Where do seniors volunteer?

Informally and directly In voluntary, non-profit organizations in Canada where thousands of volunteers help them to fulfill their missions 11% of all non-profit organizations served elderly people. (2003)   to support “active aging” among peers healthy eating Physical activity Tobacco cessation Fall prevention Social connectedness

I volunteer with the COSCO Health and Wellness Institute and have been doing this for about a year, we had workshops last year that provided information on the previous points to over 25,000 seniors. COSCO Health and Wellness is a non-profit which only has volunteers. Our motto is Seniors helping Seniors.

Try volunteering it is fun and it keeps you young!

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