Friday, August 19, 2016

Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady

Happy Birthday to my daughter, on this date many years ago, I fell crazy in love with a beautiful, magical, wonderful child who changed my life and over time made be a better man. 

When you were born, I became head over heals in love with you. Our first gift to you was your name, we had settled on a name before you were born, but when you arrived, we realized that the name we had chosen did not fit your personality so we found a name that fitted you. 

People in love do crazy things. I have pictures of you minutes after you were born, and in those days, this was not allowed, so I was in trouble with the doctors. 

Over the years you have, at times driven me crazy, made me laugh, made me cry, kept me awake at night and filled my heart with joy. You have always made me proud of you. 

I love you, miss you and wish that on this special birthday you find, peace and love and that your partner, your son and your friends throw you one heck of a party. Your mom and I wish we could be there for this day but remember we will see you soon.

Love Dad

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