Saturday, November 26, 2016

Boomers bounce back

In 2011, the first of the Boomer Generation reached the grand old age of 65 and in 2016 we hit 70. 

Boomers have been an energetic, creative, ambitious and restless generation and now with the financial downturn, created in great part by this energetic, creative, ambitious and restless group, it appears that many of the Boomers will have to continue being energetic, creative, ambitious and restless for many years longer than they may have anticipated. Many of us are enjoying full retirement, but many of us are still working part time and contributing to the economy, because Boomers Bounce Back!

Given the tools, we have risen to the challenge of our new career of retirement. Over the last five years, the majority of Boomer have solved his/her own retirement finances and continue to contribute significantly to improving the economy. The fear was that we would become reliant on government handouts, while that has not happened to the majority of Boomers. We continue to stimulate the economy with their own success.

One of the ways we have done this is through our creativity and problem-solving abilities Here is an interesting thought: Step back and imagine yourself looking down upon the World from several thousand feet.

On the surface of the planet, you see over billions of little humans all over the globe, all scrabbling around trying to make a living, and you are trying to compete with everyone of them. As you draw up your plan, factor in originality and creativity, think about the following:
·       What can you create that will separate you from the other billions of humans?
·       What can you conceive that will allow you to be the ant that will glow and be visible from several thousand feet?
·       What can you imagine that will separate you from the crowd?
·       What can you create that others will want or need or will help them?

Boomers have always been able to find a new niche, study it and then fill it and we will continue to do this albeit a bit slower  than we did when we were younger, but with the same passion. 

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