Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter arrives Dec 22,

This is the first day of winter, fall has finally yielded to winter.  

Do you remember the joy of the first frost, the first snow, the magic of sledding; making snow angels in the backyard? 

Or as many of us have, have you equated winter with shoveling snow, poor driving, feeling locked in because of the storm?

Winter is a magical time for children, maybe it is time to make it a magical time for you again?

I love winter, 
Frost grabs the window
Refusing to yield to the warmth 
Of the morning sun. 
Slowly, very slowly, 
the sun wins the battle,
Frost retreats, 
slowly tracing patterns 
across the pane
while drops of water cry 
as they fall to the ground 
Frozen in time
The battle won, 
frost is done 
mountains fill the scene, 
Trees sway white with snow 
the wind shakes the world below
A child appears, 
wrapped from head to toe,
Laughing in delight, 
she catches snow flakes
drifting from the tree
Eyes bright, face flushed, 
winter is here, 
can Santa be far behind? 

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