Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wow, time flies

Wow! How did it get to be December 21 already??

In my den, I use a dry-erase wall calendar that lets me see my year at a glance. Yesterday I took the time to wipe away 2016 and get set for 2017.

Yes, I believe in living in the moment - but I also believe in being practical and doing what you can to plan ahead.

So where's your head right now?
  • Are you pushing like mad to get the most out of 2016 before the ball drops in Time Square on New Year's Eve?
  • Are you already in 'holiday mode' and have taken your foot off the gas and are planning to coast into the new year?
  • Or maybe you're already dreaming and scheming about the life you're going to choose for yourself in 2017.
Seriously! In order to combat the 'holiday slide', I suggest you put together a small mastermind group of people who want to get a jump on 2017.

Imagine how much further ahead you will be on New Year's Day if you start now!

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