Thursday, February 9, 2017

Agist society or not

Key messages we want to use to stop ageism in our community  A strong message from Maddy at Home
·       Ageism is all around us.
·      All older people are different but ageism assumes that growing older is the same experience for everyone.
·      We must question ageism and how older people are often stereotyped in a certain way because of their age.
·      We live in a world where older people’s rights are denied. This must change! 
·      We live in an ageing world. Don’t let it be an ageist one.
·       Ageism leads to age discrimination, which, like all discrimination, legitimises and sustains inequalities.
·       Describing or depicting older age as something to resist or even delay reinforces ageist stereotypes and suggests living longer is a negative experience for everyone.
·      Ageism puts unnecessary pressures on ourselves to achieve certain goals at a certain time in our lives before we are deemed “too old” to do them.
·       No one can get younger but we can live in a world where living longer is celebrated and not dreaded.
·       Let’s begin to appreciate our diversity throughout our whole lives including in later age\

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