Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dare to Take a Chance

Life is a gamble, and the desire to be secure, is deep within us. What we have to understand that the only places to find security are when we lock ourselves away. We put restrictions on ourselves in an effort to be secure. 

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs puts safety and security at the base of the hierarchy, with good reason. We need to feel safe so we can build our world, but some of us, focus on the need to be safe, and it becomes all encompassing, we become like prisoners, inmates in our own jail. Inmates are assured a roof over their heads, food and warmth and no responsibilities.

Unfortunately, it's all too easy to reel off a list of bad things that could happen to us. For some people, it's easier than thinking of the good things that could happen.

People who crave security are slaves to a vivid imagination that conjures up bad news items that could happen to them, and they allow these images to cripple their actions. They are too afraid to start because of all the things they imagine that could go wrong. They are too frightened to sell up and buy a larger house in another area because the house prices could drop or the children won't like the new schools, or... and so it goes on for an endless list.

When you were a child and you felt safe, you loved surprises and believed that life was fun and exciting because of they felt safe. As you grew up and you fought for security, you eliminated the risks but in doing so you may have eliminated the element of surprise in your life and may have limited your chances to achieve more.

If you want to make your life meaningful and full of excitement, you need to remove your need to be safe as the overarching goal of you life. You need to dare to:
1.   Be individual.
2.   Develop your own style - instead of following fashion.
3.   Study and work to improve yourself in your profession.
4.   Have a positive mental attitude
5.   Have the courage to try.

In other words: Dare to take a chance.

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