Sunday, April 2, 2017

Striving for perfection?

We strive for perfection in almost everything we do, but we do not realize the perfection of every "issue" is beyond most of us. 

As you reflect on your life and as you move forward, understand that the territory behind you and the challenges at hand have been crafted to deliver the wisdom and insights that'll make possible the most joyful time of your life, so far. 

You didn't come as far as you have to face hurdle after hurdle after hurdle and fail. It's not as if by mastering your issues today, more issues will be added tomorrow. That only happens when you deny them today. Master your issues, today, and be free. 

Get through what you must get through, today. Understand what troubles you, today. Do what you can, today. And all the rest will be made easy. 

So little can yield so much. A new perspective, an admission, a surrender to truth - however painful - changes everything. 

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