Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Senior's Discounts revisited

In the US, there are many organisations and retail outlets that provide senior discounts to those over 50 or 55. Yet many of us do not ask for these discounts. I am not sure why, but since we are on fixed income’s any savings is useful. I did a couple of posts earlier about discounts for seniors in Canada. Here is a great site for my US friends. This page explores the following topics:

When Do You Become a “Senior Citizen”?
  • Organisations That Provide Discounts to Senior Citizens
  • Additional Organisations and Associations for Seniors
  • Seniors Can Get Special Discounts Just For the Asking
  • The Bottom Line on Discounts for Senior Citizens
The bottom line is as I said in an earlier post, if you want a discount, ask for one. The following is from the site above and it re-enforces my point.

Why You Should Ask for a Senior Discount

We laugh at the idea of becoming a “senior” when we’re 50. We wonder if it might be true at 60. And by 70, we’re usually pretty well convinced.

Some people, though, bristle at the idea of being thought of as “old.” That’s why businesses are often reluctant to point out they have a senior discount available. They don’t want to offend anyone. It’s like asking a woman whether she’s pregnant. Better to wait until SHE offers that information.

Here are three good reasons to take advantage of senior discounts:
1. Senior citizen status is an honour. You’ve contributed to the economy for decades. Senior discounts are a way of thanking you for your long-term patronage.
2. When you ask about the availability of a senior discount, you’re letting businesses know seniors appreciate programs that bring value to them. By doing that, you’re helping ensure senior specials keep going and growing. You’re paying it forward to the new crop of seniors coming up behind you.
3. It’s money in your pocket! Not taking advantage of a senior discount is like finding money in your sock drawer and throwing it out with the trash. Even if the discount is a few dollars or the special is that you get a free drink with your meal, every bit counts. The only people who don’t like saving a few dollars are those who don’t appreciate the value of having extra money in the first place.

The Bottom Line on Discounts for Senior Citizens
If you want to get the discount, ask for the discount. That’s the number one way to find and take advantage of specials for seniors only. 
1.    When you’re in a local store: Ask.
2.    When you’re travelling: Ask.
3.    Even if you think they don’t have a senior discount:    Ask.
4.    Always ask

Once you get in the habit of asking, you’ll be amazed at the number of places you can save money just because you’re you.

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