Thursday, October 12, 2017

Let the good times roll

On this Friday afternoon in October, I am thinking about how we sometimes miss opportunities to play. Not all the time, but some of the time and I remember early in Sept we were the only group in the restaurant and we were sitting after golfing, in deep conversation about life and how the game went. My friend jumped up and ran over to the bar, where the waitress was getting our drinks, and said, “Please turn up the music, this is my favorite song.” She did.  My friend jumped with glee and then started dancing and singing to the song.

Just before this event, we were talking about how we all hoped we would never grow old and be like a great many seniors who are jaded and bitter at the hand life has dealt them. We agreed that this would not happen to any of us.

Now I have distorted the image, but I hope I can keep the spirit that my friend shows alive until I am ready to depart this planet. Life is good, make the best of any situation, and play like my friends and I do on occasion.

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