Saturday, October 14, 2017

Self Limiting beliefs

I find it interesting that we all have beliefs that limit ourselves. These beliefs have been with us for a long time and may have started when we were very young. Others wiser than I have courses on how to change your beliefs, how to make a paradigm shift in your thinking. Much of the advice I see in this area is interesting but lacking on specifics (unless you pay big bucks for the book, the CD, or the Webinar). 

I don't charge big bucks so take my advice or leave it, but I believe that one way to defeat invisible, limiting beliefs, even ones you may not know you have, is to simply dream. Not just dream but dream of a life so grand, that your self-limiting beliefs couldn't possibly make sense in that dream world.

And then start living that life today, however humbly at first. You will find that the self-limiting belief will fade away, very slowly, but they will fade.

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