Saturday, April 7, 2018

Whispering to yourself

Did you know that whenever you whisper, "I'm sorry..." to someone quietly in your mind, someone sheds a tear and healing begins? It is, however, better to whisper to the person you have hurt. The healing will be faster both for you and for them. Some people do not have the courage to say "I am sorry" as some see this statement as a sign of weakness. It is not, it is a sign of strength.
Did you know that whenever you whisper, "Thank you..." to someone quietly in your mind, someone sheds a tear and presents are sent? We should also say thank you out loud to the person who did us something we are thankful for in our life. There are so many things and people that cross our lives every day that we should be thankful for, and if we are we should not just whisper to ourselves, but we should let them know, that we are thankful for what they do for us. 
And did you know that whenever you whisper, "I love you..." to someone quietly in your mind, someone over here sheds a tear, healing begins, presents are sent, and 10,000 bells are rung? Yet we can whisper "I love you" to ourselves, yet find it hard to tell the person we adore that we have feelings for them. Some do not because they are afraid of rejection by the other, but not to say anything is to reject your own feelings. We cannot control how others react to us, all we can do is be honest with ourselves and trust that we can recover from rejection or celebrate the acceptance of our feelings. 
I think we all have our own marching band that follows us everywhere, believe it or not.
The seashell whispers in your ear
As the wind blows softly against your face
You hear the calling of the ocean
You lean and whisper the secret
the seashell told to you
I smile, you vanish
Another dream, another whisper of 
What could have been

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