Thursday, May 10, 2018

Are you a Master?

Here is an idea, everyone can be a Master of something. There are many potential Masters among us. They are scattered throughout the continents to shine their lights as brightly as possible, simply by being themselves, living mostly "ordinary" lives. They are the people who lead in stressful situations, they are the ones who pick on the small community issues that cause others problems. They are the activists, the fighters, the visionaries, the dreamers among us.

Until there are enough of them walking the earth, and a tipping point is reached at the deepest energetic levels we will walk in darkness. Once we reach the tipping point where we are surrounded by these Masters we will be raised ever higher into the light, simply for being in their midst, as if through osmosis. 

Of course... there's always been the risk that these Masters, once immersed in a sea of limited thinkers, might mistake their "ordinary" lives as simply ordinary lives, think they're simply one of the herd, and therefore not appreciate their unique perspectives, grasp their mission, or love themselves as they are, no matter what others think, and the whole osmosis thing won't work. If that is the case, then we are in big trouble, but I don't believe the Masters will be held back by the "ordinary lives" they lead. We need to celebrate unique perspectives and individuals and help them reach their potential.

How are you holding up? Loving yourself? Understanding that you could be a Master that has not yet recognized their true worth?

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