Sunday, May 20, 2018

Never thought about it this way

How do I steal the show, you ask?

Oh, that's easy! You should have asked ages ago! 

Let's put it this way: To perform like a star, to steal the show, and to party with the "Gods"... take the stage, do the dance, and invite yourself.

Be the spark. Others are waiting. I find it interesting that many of us are waiting for the show to start, yet we are unwilling to take the stage. Be the person with the Stagefright, but get out and take the stage, life is too short to be in the wings. We all have stories that we are living, and we need to be the stars of that story, for ourselves, for our friends and for our family. For some of the only way we can become that star is to jump on stage and do the dance. Don't be shy, invite yourself to be the star of your own show, so at the end you can take the spotlight and listen to the applause. Life is good but short.

When you are the spark, you ignite the energy of those around you and you never know where the light will lead others. As Elders, we have a responsibility to those younger to be a beacon and a light as we have traveled the same path before them and we know where the pitfalls and twists and turns are and although we may not stop them from stumbling, we may prevent them from being hurt too much.

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