Saturday, July 14, 2018

Did I wake up this morning?

This is from Patrick. There are a million different ways to measure success.

For most people, the concept of “success” is about how close or far you are from achieving a certain goal.
How close am I to losing that extra weight?
How close am I to paying off that credit card?
How close am I to landing a new job?
How close am I to ...?

This morning, I want to remind you that I have a much different measure of success. A much simpler one, yet one that all of us take for granted.

Did I wake up this morning?

That’s it!

If you woke up this morning, drew a breath and opened your eyes… CONGRATULATIONS you were given the gift of another day of life!  And if you think about it you’ll remember that NO ONE owed you another day of life and no one can guarantee that you’ll get another one tomorrow.  So I’d say that makes today pretty successful already!

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