Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Milestone Birthday Party Ideas

It is a time for celebrating birthdays. Are you soon going to be having a Milestone birthday (50, 60, 70, 80) and worried about your next birthday party? Don't be every birthday is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your life. You are alive and that means you should mark that event with your friends and your family. Your birthday should be one that brings together friends and family to a wonderful celebration of your life while you are here to enjoy the celebration.  I am confident that a few of the ideas here may get your creativity up and running and help you design a great idea for your own birthday party or plan a big surprise for someone you love.

What about having a birthday party that is a roast. I  see roasts on television. They are sacrilegious and sometimes very funny. A warning a birthday roast will only work if you have friends and family who can do this well. If you are the subject of a roast, you should have a sense of humour and not be easily offended; if you are planning for a friend, you should make sure they are not easily offended. Make sure everyone knows the theme of the roast beforehand and a good idea is to have a list of those who will go first to set the stage. If you want a night of laughs this is one way to celebrate your life and the friends you have. By the end of the roast, you may lose some friends but who wants friends that don't have a good sense of humour.

Another idea is to have a PowerPoint or slideshow, to show various events throughout the guest of honour’s life. By doing this you pay tribute to someone that has meant a great deal to you while they are here to see what they mean to you. When you are developing this idea, think about having a red carpet for the star to enter on and allow friends and family to pay their tributes to the guest of honour by talking about the good things they have done. This idea is a lot more sentimental than a roast but will mean a lot to the person you are honouring.

What about an Old West or Gold Rush theme? This theme would be fun to organize and people would have fun when they attend. Having a room dressed up as a Wild West saloon and everyone could come dressed in their favourite western gear. Facebook and Youtube, Instagram will be filled with delighted partygoers whooping it up and doing their best square dance impersonations. Good food and many western style drinks will keep the guests and the guest of honour happy and full of western cheer. 

Of course, there is always the Grim Reaper "over the hill" birthday theme. Be creative and use your knowledge of the guest of honour to make your theme party different from all the others. Use your knowledge of the birthday man or women to create the perfect celebration of life for them. An idea might be to make this birthday an out of this world experience and use a supernatural theme. 

Your sense of creativity and playfulness can help make any milestone birthday memorable. Remember nothing is too excessive, as long as you know the nature of the guest of honour. Milestone parties, like a 50th, 60th, or 70th doesn’t mean the birthday man or women is not long for this world and life. At any stage, we should celebrate and honour those we care about.

A great party can be fun, show creativity and a sense of caring al it takes is some thoughtful planning and a good group of friends and family to make it happen. If you needed some for inspiration I hope the thoughts mentioned point you in the correct direction, if not solve your planning woes.

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