Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Borders and cell phones

Every Saturday when the weather is nice, my friends and I meet in White Rock and then travel across the line to the US to play golf. We do this for a number of reasons, price being one, we can golf at many of the courses across the line for under $20.00 Canadian rather than $50 and up in Canada. Another reason is the courses are never crowded so we don't feel rushed. The Border does present a bit of a problem as none of us have a nexus pass. We have talked about this for about three years, but have not as of yet taken action to apply, but we will soon. Last weekend, there was a cancer fund raiser where about 2500 bikers were biking to Seattle and would be crossing the border about the same time as we were, so when we met at 8:00 am we transferred the clubs to  three cars and drove off. Two in one car, myself and Jim in another car, followed by the other three. Now, for  those of you who have crossed at the truck crossing know that even if you are five minutes behind when you leave, you can be get behind for up to 20 to 30 minutes at the border.

Jim and I made it through and stopped for gas and morning coffee, and decided to wait for the others.  Twenty minutes go by and I decide to phone to see what the delay was with the third car.  The phone was answered and the response was, we are just at the border and should be there soon. We waited another 10 minutes the went to the golf course. A tournament had been scheduled for 10:00 so the four of us who were there went out and golfed before the tournament started.  We met the other three about 2 hours later and heard their story.

If you are at the border, do not answer your cell phone. The guys were just finished answering the border guards questions when the phone rang. As soon as it was answered, the orange card came out and they had to go in for processing. An hour later, they made it to the end of the line. The officer processing them just said, "Have a great day guys, next time don't answer your cell phone"

Lesson learned and hopefully remembered, but at our age that may be a problem.

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