Thursday, July 15, 2010

There is magic in the moment

There is always beauty or magic in the moment

If you allow yourself to experience the magic, outdoors or inside, no matter where you are, you can stop and watch the magic unfold around you or you can hear the  music for your soul, in your mind and drown out the voices that don't allow you to see or hear the magic in life, that is around you. Ever watch a toddler experience life their eyes light up at the new wonders they see, hear and experience. we used to allow oursleves this magid, and we can again we can do it anywhere.

There is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothes or expectations. The temperature today would have been bliss in March, right? (Please adjust the examples to fit your region.)

There is no – It’s cold -- like a fact. Cold is a judgment. It may be below 50 F (10 C) but cold or hot is up to you. Pleasant or nasty is your expectations, not the temp.

You can say legitimately, “I’m cold and I’m tired of endless gray days.” or you can say, "I'm cold, but the endless days of gray will soon be gone and blue sky's will soon be here" The weather and the day just IS. Get it?

This is an  example of the adage – Pain is guaranteed, suffering is optional. Weather happens. I inflict my own unhappiness with an internal story that the weather is supposed to be some way that it isn’t. If you want to capture the magic in the moment, change your internal story and fall in love with what’s right here, right now.

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