Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thoughts on this video on Creative Revolution.

As I watched this video that shows an officer intimidating and arresting a young girl for blowing bubbles, many thoughts went through my mind. I would like to share them with you.

The male officer is, in my mind a symbol of what is wrong with our police. He would have fit into the Nazi death camps and I think quite happily herd women and children to their deaths in the showers. He is a typical Fascist who uses, and from his attitude shown on this video, apparently enjoys using fear, intimidation, threats and abuse of power to try and control people.

His comments are absurd in the extreme, telling the young woman that if a bubble touches him she is assaulting him and then talks about caustic (chemical) harm. What BS. If I was related to him, I would be ashamed of his actions.

What also bothered me is that he is a sexist in the extreme and as a man, I have no time for little boy bullies who use their power to abuse women. He not only used his power to arrest the young lady after verbally abusing her but he took the time to make the female officer next to him, who the bubbles were directed at look like an incompetent and weak officer, which I suspect was his intention. I would hope that the female officer took the fascist aside and let him know not to interfere with her work and that she reported him to her superiors for his sexist actions. She had the situation under control, he took her control away and made her look small. I suspect he is the type of man/boy who routinely bullies all women that he comes in contact with and I suspect that he would be the type of boy/man  who thinks that when a woman says no she is actually saying yes.

His actions were a disgrace but he will not be disciplined nor will any action taken against him, the only hope is that enough people see the video and that he is treated like the fascist he is, but I suspect that his buddies on the force will laugh and think this is a big joke and reward him for his actions. This kind of behaviour is not acceptable and he should be fired as he brings the concept of law and order into disgrace.

The good folks at have identified a number of police involved in allegedly illegal behaviour and have identified this officer as

Name: Adam Josephs (Male)

Badge #: 731
Involved In: Fun police. Potential Illegal Searching, Detainment and Arrest of women blowing bubbles.
George Harvey Collegiate Institute '79
Facebook page states occupation as "I collect Human garbage."

His facebook page is a reflection of a smug, egotistical, fascist, who has no understanding of the role of the police in our society and who sees his job as one where he can, I suspect take great pleasure in causing pain and suffering to those he took an oath to serve and protect. He should be fired!

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