Monday, September 13, 2010


Ever have to make a tough decision? I have known over the years some people who find it really hard. They are afraid  to make the wrong choice so they analysis the facts to death. It's really easy to suffer from what is called Analysis Paralysis - the inability to make a decision or move forward because they are perpetually stuck in the analysis phase.

When it comes to choosing  analysis paralysis can be a very real problem. You don't want to make "the wrong" choice.  You don't want to look foolish. You don't want to regret your choice. However, life is all about choice and some choices you will regret and others you will celebrate. Here is a technique to help

STOP your analysis and think about something else,

Breathe don't panic, take the time to calm the voices inside your head

Sleep on the decision because you want to be rested and clear when you make the decision.

Make the decision, and remember that ultimately, you have to listen to your heart and trust your own judgement,

If you are wrong, then you most likely always always have the opportunity to correct or take responsibility for your action and once you have done that celebrate and enjoy life.

If you are right, celebrate and enjoy life

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