Saturday, December 11, 2010

Depressed, some ideas on how to overcome

I suspect many of us have had that gut-feeling depressed mood at some time in our life. In order to get my internal state balanced I discovered that setting my body to work on routine activities works well for me. Things like gardening, little jobs around the house or even sorting out my screws and bolts, help distract me from the unpleasant gut feeling and makes me physically tired.

Besides that, the tiredness sometimes helps to get a  good (what is "good" for you...?) night sleep afterwards. To get maximum seclusion and give my neurons something to chew on without giving them an overload I put on an earphone with music that I like and that usually cheers me up. Just light, familiar music that "plays" just enough with my subconscious mind to keep it busy without burden. Also, taking a warm bath with the music on, lights off and resting there helps me a lot..I assume it's a combination of the solitude and the womb-like atmosphere

And because I'm only human, on those days I see myself as someone that suffers and that deserves some consolation and wellness I treat myself to little things that make me physically feel good. On these days I am a candy-loving  person and on those down days I allow myself to stretch up my normal restrictions on that. And sometimes I'm lucky to be able to be around a special friend that really understand me I indulge myself on their strength and understanding.

I also believe the first thing to do is confront the problem - find out what really is making you feel like this. It's not because of who you are that's most  irrelevant. Search for the root-cause, but to sort this out you've got to have enough energy and stability. In my opinion it's in our own perspective whether something is making us sad or that we ALLOW something to influence us in that way. We, ourselves, give the meaning to the things that reach us....and we can choose not to be touched by them. I wish you strenght and flexibility....and Iknow you will come through!!

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