Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Years

As I said in yesterdays post, we had a scheduled dinner cruise planned, and it was New Years Eve. The dinner cruise was enjoyed by my wife and her mother, while I enjoyed a very good pizza and nice music. When the cruise was over the time was close to 8:00 pm so we drove back to the Condo and watched the New Years Eve celebrations around the world. I was impressed by Australia, Berlin and London. At 11:30 we went down to the beach in front of the Condo and joined a few hundred others watching the fireworks along the beach.

There is a new law in Maui that prohibits fireworks that actually go into the air over 10 feet --without a licence--so the fireworks were rather tame. At midnight one of the large hotels down the beach set off their display of fireworks and it was fantastic, a job well done and breathtaking to observe. I thought to myself what a magical time, I am standing on the beach  under a clear skyin Maui, listening to the wave break on the shore, while watching fireworks break above palm trees celebrating the arrival of a new year.
2011 is starting off to be a good year. I am looking forward to new adventures and challenges as the year unfolds.

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