Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The HST Debate heats up

A friend of mine is going to vote in favour of keeping the HST and although the rest of his friends have tried to point out the error of his thinking, he has refused so far to change his mind. He is one of the many out there who only listen to Bill Good for his views on this tax.  He also is of the belief that the government will not lie to its people and that if it is in the paper the information has to be true. He will not listen to reason, however I did get him to admit that he should open mind and look at some alternative views on the tax. He did agree to do this,  so I just sent him a list of alternative views that he says he will read.

Hopefully he will read the information and change his mind. Here are the links I just sent him. If anyone has more links please let me know so I can give him the information he needs to see some sense.  Thanks


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