Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stressed out?

Stress can be a scary thing, especially at this time of year,  but it is also a self-creating thing. The more stress you feel, the less able you are to deal with the things that are stressing you, causing the stress to increase. This is a vicious cycle and the key to stress management is to not get into it in the first place. How do you do that?

Stress comes in many shapes and forms. You can get stressed while driving if – for
instance – someone cuts you up on the road.
You can become stressed for unhappy reasons – for instance if someone close to you falls ill or has a serious accident.

You can also become stressed for happy reasons – for instance, if you’ve just won the
Work conditions can introduce stress into your life. Some people thrive on being always busy, whilst others can become stressed just by watching those people.

There are probably as many ways to become stressed as there are people on this planet.

So, once you recognize that you are stressed, what can you do about it? Fortunately, there are lots of different ways to counteract the everyday stress that crops up in life. Most of these techniques are simple, cheap and – best of all – they don’t involve potentially addictive drugs.

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