Sunday, March 3, 2013

Two years and counting

Ryder like all toddlers find life an adventure and in his two years and counting he has learned many things, most of which will be not remembered at a conscious level but will be part of the building blocks to his personality and his vision of who he is and how he is loved. 
I recognize that our experiences that were shared with him helped us get to know him and helped him grow, but that he will not remember us as we are now, or the experiences we shared later in his life. But these experiences  helped us create memories about him. 
During our time in Australia, this time, Ryder learned about the joy of water slides  the joy of scary rides down dark, tunnels with people who would protect him so he could feel safe about the experience. He learned about riding in Air planes and helping to carry luggage.

 In his third Christmas, he is beginning to understand the meaning of the day and the joy of giving and receiving and being with family and extended family. 

Grannie and grandpa paid close attention to him and we believe that we were able to help his development because we listened and played with him in a way that parents don’t—not because they don’t want to but because they are tired from working and running a household. 
Ryder learned more about swimming because we built on the lessons that he had taken, we danced with him when the music moved us and he learned that dancing is something that all of us can enjoy.
 He learned where Canada was, not on a map but more importantly he learned that Canada was in the basement suite because that is where Granny and Grandpa from Canada lived. One day he will actually learn about Canada, but for now I am content to know that he understands that Canada is a warm and loving place because Granny and Grandpa live here. I only hope that the Canada that I love will be here in future and will not be destroyed by our present government in its zeal to move us to a less compassionate and caring country.

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