Saturday, June 8, 2013

What are your dreams are shouting at you?

Dreams can inspire and can move you to act. What are your dreams are shouting at you?

One of the big issues many of us have upon retirement is what will we do now, what is the reason for getting up and moving through our day.  So what dreams do we still hold that will allow us to move through and shape our life, our work and our leisure?
Ideas, like opportunities are everywhere but what are important are the ideas and the opportunities that flow from your values and your life story. If the opportunity does not fit our version of our life story we will not see them, if ideas are presented that do not flow from our values we will not act on them.
Here are some ideas but it is important to see the opportunities and ideas listed here as a starting point. Take the list as a starting point for you to dream and to listen to your dreams, so you can reshape and maintain control of life, leisure and work.
Remember, many of these ideas may translate into paid work or self-employment. When I ran my seminars on starting a business, I ran an exercise that forced people to look at niches and opportunities in a different way as many of the participants were looking for career change ideas. I was always surprised by ideas that people come up with–ideas that help fill a void that may have been gone unnoticed for years.
Many of those who signed up for the workshop did so because of a significant birthday or loss or sudden change. The event caused them to ask what have I yet to do in my life. Once they were open to exploring new ways of thinking and doing, the e experiences helped add fullness to their life, helped them complete tasks once begun, helped fill a creative urge, or helped complete a relationship or connection as yet unresolved. 
Think of each point below as a prompt to help you consider  your own version. See what emerges and send me your ideas.

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