Friday, June 7, 2013

Grandparent thoughts

My daughter tried to Skype us the other night, but we were not near the computer. I keep my computer upstairs in the den and when she Skyped us, we were in downstairs in the Family room so we missed the call.

What I do have is a great little program called Evaer that I use to record our conversations while using Skype (it records both video and audio) so I have a record of our conversations. What she did is have my Grandson ask "Are you home grandpa?" when Skype picked up her call. 

My grandson has no problem saying Gramma but he has had problems saying Grandpa so I was very excited when I heard him say this when I listened to the audio. I also heard the sadness in his voice when my daughter said I guess he is not home.

Little things make for a great day when you are recovering from surgery; and the hearing my grandson say "grandpa" for the first time made my day. We will connect with my daughter soon and I look forward to seeing him and talking to him for a few minutes. Life is good

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