Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Public Transit in the Lower main land of BC.

I read this and was amazed that anyone in the lowermainland would take this advice. On the face of it this looks to be a good suggestion. Why not take public transit or taxi to the airport.
First the article:
Vancouver International Airport is suggesting travellers not ask their friends to drive them to the airport.


Because it could start — or maintain — "a cycle of resentment."

"Recruiting some poor soul to drop you off to the airport is like asking people to help you move. They don't want to do it, but they will for fear of needing the same help in the future," says a post on the airport's official blog, YVR Connections.

The blog advises travellers to explore alternatives, such as taxis and the Canada Line, a rapid-transit link to the city.

The line, which opened in 2009, takes 26 minutes to travel from downtown Vancouver's Waterfront station to the airport. Trains leave every six minutes during peak times in either direction.

It's "an amazingly cost-effective and efficient way" to get to YVR, the blog says.

The line's airport station is located between the international and domestic terminals. "As you exit the train, turn left for domestic flights or right for U.S. and international flights," the airport says.

While this may be true if you live along a transit line, it is not true for anyone living outside of a line. I live in Port Coquitlam for me to get to the airport it would take by car about an hour, or by taxi the same amount of time but the trip would cost me while over $100.00.

 By public transit it would take while over an hour and a half and require three transfers and walking over a half a mile. I am not sure how this is amazing cost effective or efficient (unless I do not put a value on my time).

I believe that there is no good public transit in the lowermainland for people who live outside of Vancouver. Our transit authority leadership is a joke and the only thing they do is try to figure out how to give themselves a raise or blame someone else for the cuts to service. There is no way  the system can find a way to entice people like me to ride transit. 

I cannot picture a day when I would support public transit in the lowermainland, if I can find alternative transportation. People do not take public transit because it is too inconvenient, it is easier and better to drive yourself or ask a friend.  

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