Sunday, January 5, 2014

Do you follow the rules?

Herb Cohen wrote a good book called, "You Can Negotiate Anything."

In the book he mentions how people are trained to "follow the rules" without question.

The example he gives is a hotel check out time. Based on his research, he found out that 95% of people actually check out when the sign says they are supposed to check out.

When asked WHY they do it, the responses were generally something like, "Because that's what the sign said."

We've been trained to accept the boundaries set for us by just about ANYONE who stands up and pretends to be an authority figure. 
Every "rule" I've ever followed in my life was simply a form of a "negotiation" created by some figure or organization with perceived authority. I wasn't even showing up to the negotiating table!

All I want to make clear is that you have a CHOICE  about what you do. Never forget that you have a choice. Even when it looks like you don't.

Take a look at your life. Do you like where you are right now?

Whether you do or don't, the reason you're in that spot is because of the decisions and choices you've made.It's that simple. Make different decisions and you will end up in different places, and you can make different decisions, when you realize that rules can be negotiated if you want them to be.

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