Thursday, April 10, 2014

Farewell John

We are at an age when death becomes a familiar part of life. I met John in 1984 when we started working together and he and I hit it off fast. John was a talented photographer with a great sense of humour and a love of life. We worked together for five years and then John moved on to a new situation, but we kept in touch. We remained good friends until last weekend when John passed away. John was about a year older than me and he took care of himself. He never worked out, but he sailed, played a terrible game of golf, walked and cared for himself.

When John was in his mid 60's we started to notice that he would forget things, and at times would be confused. Not until he was diagnosed with Alzheimers did we realize that he was sick. John went on medical leave at 63 and at 65 retired. His condition became worse, but he never appeared to be upset with his situation and he may have forgotten who his friends were, but when we came to visit or take him out for a game of golf, he had fun. He used to ask me if he and I knew each other, and I always replied, yes we are friends. He wold then say, well if you and I are friends, you must be a good person.

Johns family kept him at home for as long as they could, but about a three months ago they put John in a facility where he could get the kind of care he needed. Unfortunately John appeared to have given up the fight and he stopped eating. Last weekend John caught a fever and passed Sunday night.

John I will miss you, your sense of life, your humour and your kindness. Rest in Peace.

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