Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Orange you going to read this?

My thanks to Christopher (the Onion) for these words about words. English is a tough language to learn, even for those of us born to the language sometimes despair at the complexities of the language. For all those learning English, I hope this does not confuse but helps. 

Orange is our description of oranges and orange juice. Orange you going to
read this?

They are somewhat similar to blue and blackberries, however red berries are razzberries or cherries and ‘cherry’ might just mean 'fine', 'nice', or ‘perfect’, and ‘Sherry’ might appear that way, especially after drinking it...

Apples are not ‘reds’ and could mean 'of your eye' although ‘peaches’ are fruit AND a color,
the ‘word’ itself represents one’s positive view of something thats true to one or another.

Color represents ‘fruit’ and ‘fruit’ is related to the rainbow via color; but the rainbow represents the fruits in an interesting way.

‘Reds’ are from a particular side of a war, blues are electronic cigarettes, and Pink  Unfortunately sings. ‘Blues’ are often sung by Blacks, who commonly don't like the association to the color, although it’s understandable to have a 'black' or 'white' polarized opinion here.

No ‘fowl’ intended, or ‘foul’ extended, and I don't mean 'duck', but that's what you gotta do at times to avoid being ‘floored’, which is something that can happen at the accompanied destination.

Donkeys are Horses and Asses but if we include elephants then we are talking about color again.

Reds and blue, the associated hues, in the gray area of our pink mind.

Of ‘course’ it's rather ‘coarse’, if we are on 'course' or on 'board' we could potentially be walking the plank. As most of us know that ‘boards’are rather straight,  which is oddly the opposite of happy.

And 'boards' are just ‘bored’ while they handle their 'chores', but the 'shore' is what most of us are after.

We can have a ‘sack nap’ but if you take a ‘knapsack’, 1 might just end up in the ‘slammer’.

Stammer as I might, but if I put 'up' a fight I am sure it will not be above me.

1 is the ‘one’ but they may have not ‘won’, so being first does really not matter.

My shoes are my shoes but to shoe is too ‘lose’, to set ‘loose’  what you may have been 'after'.

‘After’ is ‘thyme’, which I eat all the ‘time’, it’s the herbs that we are all ‘after’.

‘Ewe’ is not ‘you’, unless I'm talking, then its me, or 'I', but if if you say me, its 'you'.

But to me, its me, so if we agree, and we see the blue sea, we finally found what we're 'after'.

And speaking of ‘ewe’, I’m not disgusted, it’s true, but I’m ‘quite’ sure that I only wear ‘too’ ‘shoes’.

Bitches are smokes if you are in the UK, but it's derogatory in the ‘US’ (you see?); Meaning female 'dog', which is a word on its own that tends to be misused in multiple ways.

And 'cellar' is safety while 'sell her' is 'shady' and would surely bring a 'son' to ‘light’.

‘Light’ is the ‘load’ but I’m ‘spitting’ in ‘droves’ so I suppose it’s animal thing.

‘Us’ means you and I, unless 'I' speak of ‘US’; then the capitalization describes my desired 'point' of conversation; which 'I' in and of itself can range from a knife's edge to an idea's
‘fruition’ or health, although this 'exercise' is an example of the ‘fruits’ of one of my passions;

'Writing' is what I'm doing and ‘righting' is correcting...and if creative one cannot correct others written words.

We can go 'nuts' with ‘riding’ while ‘writing’ and ‘righting’, however ‘lefts’ can be fun as ‘well’.

Sometimes ‘left’ is ‘behind’, and I hope yours is fine, but of course this is part of the chatter.

Also 'nuts' does not make ‘sense’ and ‘cents’ don't make themselves even though without my 2, it does not really matter.

Words are just words but are also made of groups of bits of which 8 or 9 can be bytes and is ‘in ‘tire’ly different to the latter which is consequently, composed of  words as well, on/off math is a spell, especially when ‘pitching’ this ‘batter’ .

Speaking of 10, which is binary, 2/10 is a 'score' and that's '20 years' which simply does not make sense And playing 'some' Tetris, 'sum' ‘times’ may amuse because it rhymes but a muse should not promote laughter.

PC's are computers, but not all computers are PC's, which includes the Mac which is not a hamburger; a type of pretentious person, or a manner of eating, though not something one sees in the sea

‘Meat’ is a term, not a fish or a worm, and ‘meet’ is a place that one goes.

PC is PC, which this ‘sentence’ may not be, and a ‘sentence’ is not what this is.

I will always be free, let it ‘bee’ what it ‘be’ but I’ll ‘sting’ you while listening for free..

‘Live’ is whatever we do, ‘live’ is how we play, and ‘jive’ is what I'm doing or what I say.
Diss is a miss, a play is a kiss, which could mean ‘good’-bye in a ‘bad’ way. Dis_play is not only a visual aid, but a communication device; and further a way to explain what one may already know but not be aware of; or way to show others, sisters and brothers that 'nothing', or 'something' has ‘blocked’ their way.

Being 'a_head' isn't necessarily in front, unless its a line at the ballgame or 'bar' of which the meanings are far, so obscenely ‘bizarre’ but thats where one goes ‘by’ to buy’ things.

And while at the bizarre, picking up my ‘Sit’_ar I imagine I would most likely be standing;

And since I could be at a bar getting barred while in the 'head' from talking nonsense like this, thoughts out of my head may be reasonable‘instead’, but the ‘stead’ could just be a good ‘horse’. ‘Hoarse’ is what I may get if I stay on my ‘course’, if I talk ‘instead’ of just ‘writing’.

Moving forward; 'know' and 'now' are particularly convoluted, which oddly enough is
somewhat a mate between 'con' and 'looted', which doesn't 'quite' make sense unless one
remains suddenly 'muted’.

And while we 'might' understand this, 'might' ’might' be the difference between winning and losing the battle. and ‘wood’ ‘would’ most probably be understood as a ’loss' involving a chainsaw.

So the liquid we chose to make ‘hour’ forest grow might ask ‘Water’ we doing here?

‘May’ is a month, a question of such, but a month might just make me dafter.

So, without assuming, which is a ‘mis_take’, we can resume our day to day, after distributing our ‘resume’, in a 'fashion' that would most ‘Shirley’ make the 'seasoned' ‘tailor’ we
call 'Taylor', our 'Shure' vehicle for escape. 

BTW- This is all ‘obvious’ as real and ‘odd it is’ but I really felt something today. and ‘Shure’ is a microphone so leave me alone  if you only have something negative to say...

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