Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Motivation and Spark needed

Motivation is the spark everyone needs to make it throughout the day, to set and meet goals, and more. Without motivation you will fail.  When you have apathy toward something you are not motivated because you couldn't care either way.  This is the worst attitude you can have because it isn't negative either. 

Someone who feels this way isn't capable of achieving anything because they don’t care if they do or not.  If you are feeling this way this e-book is exactly what you need to help you overcome your attitude and begin feeling motivated again.

When you know how to remain motivated with yourself you can also help others because your attitude will be contagious.  When you practice daily motivational techniques eventually they will come to you naturally. At first some of these methods may be difficult for you to do or to remember.  It will take time for you to begin to naturally practice and follow these techniques.

When thinking about motivation the first thing you need to do is create your space around you at work and at home.  This space needs to remain simple and positive.  The things around you have a lot to do with the way you feel and if you will be motivated or stuck in a funk.

A clean home and clean office space make a really big deal when you need motivation.  If you find yourself sitting in mounds of paperwork you might have the attitude you are never going to complete the things you need done.  A messy workspace can be frustrating and depressing.  It may cause you to procrastinate and even be disorganized with your thoughts as well as your work.

A messy and dirty home can be depressing and disabling.  Many people will sit around procrastinating for hours in a messy home.  It is amazing how good a clean home can make you feel.  The best thing you can do is clean up your home.  You will feel great and ready to take on anything.  Get rid of those clothes which have been sitting in the closet for years that you haven’t worn once.  Clean out the mess in the shed and the garage.  Don’t just wipe down the counters and do the dishes.  Clean house means create a new space that is positive and ready for the new to come into your home.  Get rid of all of the old.

The space you spend your time in includes your car, home, and the office space you work in.  It has a lot to do with the way you feel and the attitude you have when you wake up in the morning.  Clean up the spaces you live in and make a positive atmosphere for you to enjoy and want to have a good day.  You will finally see the goals as achievable rather than sit around thinking about them.

Hanging out with positive people is one of the best ways to be motivated.  You should talk to someone positive at least once a day.  Many of the ways you can have a positive encounter with people include in person, over the phone, and over the computer.  Try to make this a habit on a daily basis.

The most common way you can have an encounter with someone on a daily basis is to talk to people.  You should have regular encounters with positive people.  The best way to start your day is to have coffee every morning with a positive person.  If you live near your best friend who is a coffee drinker then you can plan to leave for work earlier everyday and have coffee at their house or have them come over.  This is an excellent way to start your day and put you in a great mood for work. 

If you are often not motivated to begin new projects or to take on new things you should increase your learning.  You don’t have to be an avid reader and take on novels but you should read.  Reading is good for the brain and it is stimulating for the mind.  Continuously learning new things will help you become open to take on things you didn't think you could do before.

Reading is not the only thing you can do to continuously be learning.  If you don’t have time to read or if you don’t like to read there are other ways you can learn.  Many people who have long commutes often listen to audio CD’s.  Some people learn a different language or listen to a novel.  There are many different things you can listen to any time of day.

Positive thinking is key to your entire lifestyle.  If you want to achieve a goal you must be positive.  Positive thinking can be achieved in so many ways and it is what will help you become motivated to do things in your life.  If you are negative about achieving a goal you will procrastinate and not want to work toward the goal.  There are many ways you can maintain a positive attitude

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