Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Moving forward

I ran across this self help advice a while back and thought the advice good but the lead up to the advice is rather silly. The writer states that "Hundreds of years ago, seafaring Viking explorers had an intriguing practice. When they arrived on the shores of a new land, they would unload all of their supplies, then burn the ships."  That way, they had no option other than to move forward into the great unknown, meeting life head on." 

While a good story this is not true, Viking explorers were smart people, and they were not just explorers but they came to snatch and run. Not snatch and then twiddle their thumbs on the beach loaded down with loot they have no way of moving. These guys weren't stupid. They were vastly outnumbered in England, Scotland and Ireland when the raids started. If they’d stuck around with no method of retreat, the locals would have ganged up and killed them dead. . 

The exploration story may have been mixed up with the death rituals of Viking communities where the dead were burnt or buried in their daily clothes, and are usually buried along with his or her personal belongings. Sometimes the dead were buried lying in a boat or a wagon. Archaeologists assume that this means that a form of transportation was deemed necessary for the dead to travel to the next world. 

For the living, it is important and it can be tempting at times to spend a lot of energy creating safety, back-up plans, security measures & insurance against the unknown.

But at the end of the day, the bigger focus should be: what steps did you take to ensure success? Prepare and protect yourself, then move forward and it is easier if you have a plan.

Spending more time on planning out your success will bring more victory than planning for failure.

You have ONE short and precious life. Would you rather spend your time on the sidelines or dive into the game of a thrilling adventure? If you are retired or close to it, part of your plan should be to look back over your life's goals and see what you still want to accomplish, and then plan to move ahead on those goals. 

How can you live your daring adventure today?

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