Friday, September 5, 2014

More on Procrastination

On a simple level, procrastination will hold you back if you procrastinate on your workload and deadlines. You will start late, put out poor quality work and not get the recognition and success you deserve for your time.

Most people experience this to some degree, and even in the short term it is serious enough - you get a reputation for being lazy, or slow, or you simply do not give things your best and contribute the quality of work that you know you are capable of.

However, procrastination can get much more serious, and this is why it is known as the killer of dreams, as quite simply put - you don't need to be super intelligent, or to have a lot of money, or to know the right people to get started with your dream, but the ONE THING that will hold you back more than anything is the tendency to procrastinate.

Because success isn't based on how much money you have to start off, or even how intelligent you are - success comes to those who act and those who persist, and if you are procrastinating then simply put you will not create your dream lifestyle and achieve all you are capable of.

Procrastination  can only be addressed to put a stop to procrastination at the root source - your subconscious mind, your subconscious thoughts and beliefs. 
Start projects earlier, and get them done on time without the rush, stress and worry.

Put out better quality work. Because you start earlier you will be able to properly put the time needed into each project and produce quality work you are really proud of and other people will recognise.

Achieve more success. Due to putting out better quality work you will get more recognition and achieve the success you deserve will help - these subliminal audio sessions will penetrate into your mind to give you the mindset of a millionaire too!

Pursue you goals and dreams like never before. You will be motivated and driven like never before. You will follow your dreams and goals and take action to make them happen - starting that business, creating that artwork, moving to a new city - your goals will all start to be accomplished as you take dedicated, focused action towards them.

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