Friday, January 9, 2015

Conservatives dismantling social programs built over generations

From the unemployed to low-income families and poor seniors, more people than ever are struggling with grim choices as they try to cope in the leaner, meaner Canada presided over by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

There are probably THOUSANDS of serious and corrupt issues which Harper and the Conservatives should be held accountable for and there is a list of over 600 acts/cuts/betrayals of Canadians by this government. 

Someone took the time and energy to put together such a list. The list was put together from information taken from the Toronto Star and other mainstream media by Michael T. Rilstone and published in the WestCoast Native News in June 2014.  I am including the first one hundred here, for the others  here:

Read the List, memorize the items on the list that affect you, let people know about the list and finally show the list to young Canadian voters so they will get off their butts and vote. If they don't the people of my generation who have lost touch with their soul will reelect Harper.

Please note, most of the following came from reading THE TORONTO STAR paper:
Reason #1 – Team Harper’s Racism
Reason #2 – Harper’s Disdain for Vets, Natives, Murdered Women, Unemployed and the Elderly
Reason #3 – Harper Missing $3,100,000,000
Reason #4 – Harper’s Kijiji Labour Scandal
Reason #5 – Harper’s Corrupt Election Bill
Reason #6 – Harper’s Enemy List
Reason #7 – Harper’s Senate Scandal
Reason #8 – Team Harper’s Municipal Support
Reason #9 – Harper’s Eco Babble Scripts for Kent
Reason #10 – Harper’s Apparent Knowledge of “The Cheque”
Reason #11 – Harper’s Destruction of Canadian Jobs
Reason #12 – Harper’s Control of His Caucus
Reason #13 – Harper’s Control of the CBC
Reason #14 – Harper’s Support of Ecocide
Reason #15 – Harper Attacks on the Unemployed
Reason #16 – Harper’s Dubious Friends, Acquaintances & Advisers
Reason #17 – Harper’s Hate for Science
Reason #18 – Team Harper’s Racist Treatment of Natives
Reason #19 – Harper’s Hate for Clean Water
Reason #20 – Harper is a Fascist
Reason #21 – Harper is a Liar and a Hypocrite
Reason #22 – Harper Will Risk B.C.’s Wilderness to Make the Koch Brothers, (at 40%, Largest Tar Sand Leasers), and Big Oil Richer
Reason #23 – Harper Does Not Understand Karma
Reason #24 – Harper Bullies Others with His Own Traits
Reason #25 – Team Harper Were Lax on the VERY RAILWAY SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS that Could Probably Have PREVENTED Lac M├ęgantic Tragedy
Reason #26 – Harper Screwing All But Rich Canadians, Group by Group
Reason #27 – Harper is Canada’s Worst Terrorist
Reason #28 – Harper Blocks Residential School Archives from Native Reconciliation Investigation
Reason #29 – Harper’s Official Common’s Apology to Natives Proved to be a Farce
Reason #30 – Harper is Full of It
Reason #31 – Harper Dictates to Obama Saying He Won’t Take “No” for an Answer
Reason #32 – Harper’s MP Mark Adler Broke Ethics Guidelines by Inviting Lobbyists to His Fundraiser
Reason #33 – Harper-trained Liar: Joe Oliver
Reason #34 – Harper Launches Major First Nations Termination Plan
Reason #35 – Harper Voters not Listening to Reason
Reason #36 – Harper would be Gone if People Listened to Brigette DePape’s Warning
Reason #37 – Harper’s Tar Wars: Dividing Canadians
Reason #38 – Harper the Bully: Canada’s #1 Role Model
Reason #39 – Harper Teaching Whole Cabinet to Lie
Reason #40 – Harper Spends More on Feeding Pandas than on Starving Kids in Attawapiskat
Reason #41 – Harper Gutting Canada’s Safety Laws & Regulations
Reason #42 – Harper against Pot
Reason #43 – Harper Sold Tar Sands to China with No Transparency on Discussions and a 30+ Year Lock In
Reason #44 – Harper Allows Open Warfare among Cabinet
Reason #45 – Harper Wipes Out Liberal Surplus
Reason #46 – Harper Hates Everybody and Everything
Reason #47 – Harper Financing the Murder of Innocent Palestinian Children with Canadian Taxpayers’ Money
Reason #48 – Harper’s Pretending to be a Hockey Expert
Reason #49 – Harper Government’s Zero Respect for Missing & Murdered Native Women
Reason #50 – Harper Teaches His Ministers to Be Disillusioned Failures
Reason #51 – Harper’s Tar Sands Love Works for Big Oil, NOT Canadians
Reason #52 – Harper’s Continual Record of Screwing First Nations People On a Multiple Number of Issues
Reason #53 – Harper’s Hypocrisy: Demands Natives be More Transparent and Accountable
Reason #54 – Harper Screws Air Canada Employees
Reason #55 – Harper Ignores Natives Being Murdered by Tar Sands Carcinogens
Reason #56 – Harper Equipping Canadian Police Better Than Our Soldiers in Afghanistan
Reason #57 – Harper’s Enemy List
Reason #58 – Harper’s Minister Insults Lac Megantic’s Dead
Reason #59 – Harper Withholding Education Funds for Natives
Reason #60 – Harper’s Hypocrite Trainee John Baird
Reason #61 – Harper’s Corrupt May, 2011 Election
Reason #62 – Harper’s Willingness to Destroy B.C. to Ship Tar to China
Reason #63 – Harper’s Team Repeated F-Bomb Usage, but Chastise Justin for Same
Reason #64 – Harper’s Campaign to Suppress Voting Instead of Encouraging, Promoting and Guaranteeing Our Democratic Right
Reason #65 – Harper Can’t Keep Senior Advisers
Reason #66 – Harper Refuses to Account for $3,100,000,000 Missing from Treasury
Reason #67 – Harper “Loses” Key Documents
Reason #68 – Harper Government’s Apology to First Nations Insincere
Reason #69 – Harper’s Crooked Friends and Advisers Avoiding Charges. Why?
Reason #70 – Harper’s Deceit: Claims a Majority of Canadians Voted for Him
Reason #71 – Harper Sought Legal Advice to See if Canada Was Legally Obligated to Veterans
Reason #72 – Harper Destroying Archives
Reason #73 – Harper’s Hypocrite MP, Pierre “Skippy” Poilievre, Criticizes Justin’s F-Bomb
Reason #74 – Harper Blames Everyone Else
Reason #75 – Harper Declares Idle No More Demonstrations Detrimental to Canadian Economy
Reason #76 – Harper Appoints a Lack-of-judgement-babysitter-boinker to Justice Minister, then to the Manitoba Bench
Reason #77 – Harper, (Background: Mailroom Clerk), Criticizes Justin: States Teachers NOT Qualified to be Prime Minister
Reason #78 – Harper Effectively Slams President Barack Obama for his Post Boston Massacre Remarks
Reason #79 – Harper Attempts to Brainwash Canadians
Reason #80 – Harper Brands Natives with Blue Dots
Reason #81 – Harper Gave Us Brazeau
Reason #82 – Harper Sells Canada Out to China for 31 Years
Reason #83 – Harper Pushing for Alberta’s Destruction, Economic & Physical
Reason #84 – Harper First Nation’s Assimilation: Eliminates Native Icon
Reason #85 – Harper Continually Bulldozes Native Land Rights
Reason #86 – Harper Told Obama that Alberta Tar is Safe
Reason #87 – Harper Helps Foreign Refugee Children Faster than Desperate Canadian Children
Reason #88 – Harper’s PMO Out-of-control
Reason #89 – Harper Hates Science and Scientists
Reason #90 – Harper Wants to Friend a Country that Tortures
Reason #91 – Harper Approves a Liar and Cheat
Reason #92 – Harper Treats Pandas Better Than Natives
Reason #93 – Harper Hates and Fears Justin Trudeau
Reason #94 – Harper’s Genocide
Reason #95 – Harper is Going Down
Reason #96 – Harper Screws Veterans
Reason #97 – Harper is Two-faced: Has Different Rules for Senators and Natives
Reason #98 – Harper Ignores Starving Canadian Children
Reason #99 – Harper Deregulates Canada’s Water Safety
Reason #100 – Harper’s Economic Disaster Plan 
For more reasons go here

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