Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Why are you here?

You are not on earth to:
  • make things happen. 
  • spread the love. 
  • make it a better place or to learn acceptance of the things you cannot change. 
  • find your soul mate or your purpose. 
  • put the needs of others before your own.
  • suffer, pay penance, be tested, or judged. 

Did I leave anything out? 

You are on earth, 

because in your loftiest state of being, perched high above the wonderment, at the pinnacle of your glory, 

you wondered what it would be like, even fleetingly, to believe in limits. 

By the way....

Hoping, wishing, and praying,  shouldn't ever be confused with doing. 

Know what I mean?  

So remove your own limits and start doing.

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