Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What advice are you giving the young people you know?

Today was the start of the Second World War, on the 3rd of Sept. 1939, in response to Hitler's invasion of Poland, Britain and France, declare war on Germany.  Much has been written about the war, and the aftermath and the changes made to the world map once the war was finished. 

In 1965, the year I graduated from high school, the yearbook committee, of which I was a member, chose to celebrate 20 years of World Peace as our theme.  Looking back we were full of hope for the future  and we optimistically sent letters out to World leaders and War Hero's asking them a series of questions. One of the questions was:

What brief message would you send  to young people of today?

The Adults around us were surprised (but we were not--remember we thought we could change the world), that we received replies from all those we wrote to for this theme. I recently went to my 50th High School Reunion and in preparation, I looked at the yearbook and thought I might share a few of the responses we received:

Lester Pearson, Prime Minister of Canada, said: 'I urge young people of Canada, first to purse their education as long as they possibly can for today's and tomorrow's challenges require the best training possible to meet them adequately in order to contribute to our country's growth and security.
Secondly, Canada's youth should always maintain an informed interest in political matters and in national and international affairs so that by voice and actions they may give their assistance to those responsible  for formulating policies that govern Canada and the world at large.'

Walt Disney, founder of Disneyland said, My advice to every youngster in the civilized world today is "Get education."  In these trouble times it is imperative that every child receives as much educational training as he possibly le can. The world of business is becoming more competitive with each passing day and the boy or girl with a college degree holds a trump card in the game of employment. I think that every youngster preparing to finish high school should give serious consideration to going to college.I don't mean just "going through"either. I mean taking advantage of every possible minute for improving his mind and absorbing knowledge that will b e need in the career years ahead.

Chester W. Nimitz Chief Commander, Submarine Force Atlantic Fleet said, 'Use your best efforts to obtain the best possible education make full use of the educational facilities in your area and with the limits of your means. Keep yourselves in the best possible physical condition. While good health does not necessarily ensure success, bad health will almost certainly prevent you from reaching your maximum in your community.Become completely familiar with your government, both local and national, and prepare yourselves to participate actively in the the affairs of your government when you reach voting age. Remember that citizenship also involves responsibility for defending the freedom that make possible your citizenship. Prepare yourselves to defend the freedoms of your country.,"

These people were extremely busy, yet they took the time to respond to a request from a group of students they did not know, from a small town on Vancouver Island.  We are all busy, but maybe we should take the time to consider the next generation, who surely must have questions. My question to the Boomers out there is what advice are you giving the young people you know?

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