Saturday, November 28, 2015

Acquired Brain Injury Day 35

Saturday was a good day, Ryder, Danielle, and Adam came to the hospital with me and when we arrived, Colleen was ready to head out. Adam and Danielle liked the new room where Colleen had been moved. Colleen gave us a tour of her new ward, and then we went down to the Cafeteria and showed Ryder the play area that the hospital had for children who were in for rehabilitation. There were no children in the play area so at first thought it was locked but it was only secured and once we figured out how to open the gate, we went into the playground.

Ryder played for about two hours in the playground while we watched, drank coffee and played with him. After two hours of play we decided to go for a walk up to Glen Huntley Road to have lunch. We had lunch at a small restaurant. The food was delicious and then we walked looking at some of the shops for Christmas present ideas for Ryder and the family.

Colleen appeared to be back to her normal self and we all were excited about the prospect of her getting out of the hospital on Tuesday. We made plans that if she was released, I would try to get a booking on Cathy Pacific, asap so we could get back to Canada before Christmas. 

Colleen was not happy that we had to leave at 6:00 but Ryder was tired. Colleen was disappointed but she understood that she was staying for her own good (which was a positive sign). Another good day and one day closer to being able to go home.

Colleen did get in trouble after we left for breaking one of the rules of the hospital, which was caused by lack of impulse control. My hope is that the rule breaking will not be enough to delay her release. Lack of impulse control is part of the Acquired Brain Injury and one that has to be monitored in this phase of recovery.

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