Sunday, November 29, 2015

Acquired Brain Injury Day 36

Sunday and another good day. We arrived  at the hospital about 11:00 AM as Colleen had some meetings with her weekend team earlier in the day. From our explorations of the community the weekend before, we knew that nothing much was  open in the few blocks surrounding the hospital. We wanted to go for lunch, so Adam volunteered to take us for a drive. 

We thought a ride would be a fun thing to do as it was a nice 25 degree day (72 degrees on the old Fahrenheit scale). We drove around the area and then we drove down to St. Kilda beach and found a place to park. We wandered into Luna Park and the beach.

The beach was crowded with swimmers, surfers and people going for walks. We strolled along the beach, found a playground where Ryder could play and sat and watched him. We then noticed that there was a street market up on the road about a block from the playground. 

So we went to the street market and explored the stalls. It was very hot by this time, so we wandered down and everyone had an ice cream cone at  7Apples Gelato and went to lunch at a Mexican Restaurant called the Amigo's on Acland Street

The food was great, we sat on the patio and Colleen enjoyed watching the stream of people. We stayed in the area, walking and enjoying the day out for about six hours, but I could see that Colleen was getting tired, so we headed back to the Hospital. When we arrived, we went back to the playground and Ryder played for about a half an hour and then we took Colleen back to her room, where she went for a nap and we went back to Rye.

Another good day, I am very optimistic about the meeting with the chief Neurosurgeon in charge of Colleen's case.

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