Sunday, November 29, 2015

Acquired Brain Injury Day 37

Another good day, Ryder, Danielle, and Adam came in with us today and we spent the day going for a long walk, and watching Ryder in the hospital playground. 

I am absolutely convinced that Colleen is back to at least 95% of where she was before the injury. Her cognitive skills are back, her balance and energy are back. Her short term memory is back except she has no memory of the day of the incident or the time at the Alfred or her first week at the Caulfield.  Her ability to solve problems is also back, as the plans she had presented for the decorations of the ward, were well underway. 

The idea was that Colleen and her Occupational Therapist would go tomorrow to get the supplies they needed. If Colleen was not released on Tuesday the idea will be that they will start putting up the decorations on Wednesday. My hope is that this task will be done without Colleen. 

I am ready for this to end and I see remarkable recovery on Colleens part. She is working hard on her rehabilitation here, but I think it is time to go home and if we have to continue Therapy we should do it in BC where Colleen can be an outpatient. 

The people here have been wonderful, but I am beginning to feel like the man who came to dinner and never left. As well Colleen is, getting frustrated and I know she is really wants to get out of the hospital and have some freedom. Her new ward is bigger and nicer, but she is still restricted in her movements and cannot leave the ward to go down to the Cafeteria. 

The nurses and the staff are quite happy with the progress that Colleen is making and have told her that they are hopeful that she will be discharged after the meeting with the Neurosurgeon in two days. We hope they are correct in their assessment. 

Since Colleen is going to be shopping tomorrow, we talked about the idea that I do not need to come in as she may be gone for almost the full day. I told her I would think about not coming in and would phone her in the morning to tell her my decision. 

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