Thursday, September 15, 2016

What can your cell phone do for you?

I give a workshop on Technology and seniors that focuses on health care technologies, and I realized that the smart phone can also be used as a technology to help us monitor ourselves and to have fun. If anything on this list catches your eye, check them out by clicking on the link or by just typing the name of the function in Google search, preceded by the word smartphone. You will find plenty of apps for both Android and Iphones listed. 

Some of these features require you to turn on that function. Again, the Internet is your friend. Search for what you want to do by typing in the function   followed by your phone model, like direct call samsung galaxy S6.

Manage your thermostat and control your home's lights

Monitor your heart rate

Speak a text, have it translated into words and sent.

Have an e-mail or text read to you.

Identify images

Measure speed, height, or distance of something

Find out why your check engine light is on

Turn your Android into a games console

Identify song titles 

Visual voicemail

Mail a postcard 

Block spam phone calls

Use camera as a magnifying glass

Snap a picture with the volume button

Use as a universal remote

Create a Wi-Fi hotspot

Barcode and QR code reader

Correct for color blindness

Use Data saver setting  (Android) 

Use Data saver settings (Iphone)

Quick launch the camera

Download large files

Create a personal sound meter 

Take a screenshot.

Digitize documents. ­

Direct call (put the phone to your ear and it dials the contact on the screen)

Split screen (2 windows open at once...sometimes called multi-tasking)

Leveler & compass (Iphone)

Leveler and Compass (Android)

Metal Detector for finding dropped screws

Distance finder

Flashlight (these listed to not require access to personal information)

Send a mobile fax (this will cost as  there is a fee for sending faxes)

Connect to a computer and use phone as an external hard drive

Transfer files wirelessly from phone to computer

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  1. Love this! The How to Spam Calls post you linked to is great, but I just wanted to let you know that there is a more complete list of the best free call blocker apps on the market over at the ihatetelemarketers site: